Francis Dosoo

Francis Dosoo is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is centered on the human body as an inseparable and intrinsic fraction of its living environment. Grounded in a research and archival process into emotional media cultures, his work uses music, the written and spoken word, photography and video to navigate the Historic Now.

In 2023, Francis was selected for Jerwood New Work Fund, which will support the production of Francis’ new work of dance theatre in collaboration with artist Mele Broomes, entitled Break. Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian conception of the Soul and the memory of the breaking of a vase in childhood, Break is the story of a tender negotiation with a broken image, told through moving bodies, piano and voice.

When asked what he is looking forward to in his Jerwood New Work Fund project, Francis said,

I’m incredibly excited to work with Mele, to dig deeper into conversations between us that have been developing for years.

Image by Kamilya Kuspanova