Joana Dias & Fae Fichtner

Joana is a singer, dancer and circus artist/creator. Fae is a producer with an explicit interest in contemporary circus and artivism. They have worked together since 2019.

Joana is an Afro-European singer, dancer, and circus artist/creator who has lived in the UK for the past decade. She’s passionate about developing inclusive storytelling and practice in the circus arts. Since graduating from National Centre for Circus Arts, Joana has worked with Upswing, Mimbre, Cirque Bijou, BMT, Silver Lining, Chivaree, Cirkus Cirkör and more.

Fae is a European producer with explicit interest in contemporary circus and artivism. She is an advocate for inclusion and representation in the arts and combines physical storytelling with political and social change. Since arriving in London she’s worked with Upswing, the ENO, Scarabeus, Certain Blacks, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival and others.

Joana has been supported by Jerwood New Work Fund 2022 and the National Centre for Circus Arts: Jerwood Circus Residencies 2021.

A peron twisted around a hoop suspended in the air.
Joana Dias, 89 Scratch Performance, Festival Circus Circus Circus. Photographer Mark Robson Ineptgravity 2019