John Pfumojena

John Pfumojena is a Mbira and Marimba musician, actor, and composer.

His practice is concerned with exploring the ancient art of Mbira music for contemporary audiences, storytelling, and collaboration.

He has composed a range of music for multi-award-winning plays including The Jungle at Good Chance Theatre, Doctor Faustus and Volpone for Tangle Theatre Company.

The Live Work Fund will support John to adapt and develop his practice by using his time to write, compose, arrange, collaborate, and develop necessary digital skills and develop content for performance and education. John will be dedicating time to the research and development of a new multidisciplinary performance piece MEET MY ANCESTORS. This Mbira and Marimba-led project aims to challenge the concept of UK mainstream theatre and explore the imposition of western music structures on music from cultures around the globe.

Twitter: @falsettojohn

John Pfumojena Image: Byung Gun Jung