Rhiann Jeffrey

Rhiann Jeffrey is a theatre director based in Belfast.

A 27-year old, (newly) gay, atheist, Northern Irish female with a Mancunian accent, the complexity of identity is something that both consciously and unconsciously bleeds into her work. Rhiann perceives identity to be something that many Northern Irish people grapple with, on the basis of their religion, sexuality, culture or class.

Rhiann recently directed Belfast: Under the Albert Clock for Origin TC, New York in 2020, and The Tempest for Rose Bruford College. She is Associate Director of Prime Cut Productions.

This Jerwood Bursary will support time to create connections in Manchester, where she did some of her growing up, and to share her work with individuals and companies from the city to build future collaborations.

Rhiann Jeffrey. Image: Jan Lowry