May 10, 2018

Bakani Pick-Up selected to perform at Tate Britain

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Bakani has been selected to perform in Andrea Hamilton’s exhibition The Squash, a new commission at Tate Britain. He will occupy the Duveen Gallery with a durational solo performance on 11-15 May and 5-8 July 2018. Performances throughout the exhibition last from 10am-6pm, but in that time the artist chooses when they take their breaks, meaning they might not always be present in the space.

Bakani will take up an artistic residency at AMATA, Falmouth University, before returning to Dance4 later this year. He has also been offered a residency at Lake Studios, Berlin in 2019.

Bakani’s practice focuses on improvisation techniques for composing choreography as performance. Exploring his experiences growing up in Zimbabwe, he aims to create performance art that serves as an entwining of the two cultures. He has a master’s degree in choreography from Trinity Laban.

Bakani will run an Improv Workshop at Dance4’s iC4C at 10:00am—3:30pm on Sunday 24 June 2018.

Bakani Pick-Up: Image: Outroslide Photography