Animate Projects


Animate Projects is an internationally renowned organisation that explores and champions experimental animation. Its projects support the production and exhibition of new works, and the professional and artistic development of animators. Professional development and £3,000 bursaries for animators

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Drive develops animators who want to build professional, craft, creative and business skills, with a focus on creative development and business/management skills through individual mentoring and group workshops.

Our support enables each participant  an 8 month development period with a £3,000 bursary towards their proposed project costs, and additional allowances towards fees for agreed specialist advice. The selected artists are: Jessica Ashman, Katerina Athanasopoulou, George Eksts, Sarah Evans and Chris Newby.

We previously supported Digitalis, four small-scale commissions to emergent and established talent for the creation of short films that explored digital space as a site for artistic production and engagement.