Jerwood FACT Fellowships Programme

FACT stands for Film, Art and Creative Technology. Imagined and made in Liverpool, it commissions internationally exceptional art, science and technology projects that radically explore society and its most pressing issues. In 2018/19, it worked with 88 artists, hosted 21 international residencies and welcomed circa 250,000 visitors to its building. FACT collaborates with over 10,000 adults and young people through its Learning Programme every year, which it delivers in partnership with schools and community organisations across Liverpool City Region. Meaningful, career-enhancing opportunities for trans-disciplinary artists, film-makers, creative technologists and critical thinkers

Launching at FACT’s inaugural Assembly in Spring 2020, the Jerwood FACT Fellowship Programme is at the heart of its commitment to providing meaningful, career-enhancing opportunities for trans-disciplinary artists, film-makers, creative technologists and critical thinkers. Jerwood Arts’ Development Programme Fund will support the first two years of the programme, six Fellows in total.

Each cohort of FACT Fellows will champion the artistic, cultural and disruptive uses of new media and technology and art’s engagement with scientific knowledge. Through 10 weeks of intensive support from the team at FACT, Jerwood FACT Fellows are asked to help set future cultural inquiries for its exhibitions and public programme, through a production residency.

The first Fellows to be appointed are:

Yambe Tam (London, UK)

Angela Chan (East Midlands, UK)

Tessa Norton (West Yorkshire, UK)

The Fellows will be encouraged to experiment with different online platforms, as well as test out elements of their research with the public in Spring 2021. In addition, Fellows are invited to participate in FACT’s Transformer Summit 2021, a gathering of leading artists and thinkers to help shape the questions we will explore in our wider future programme.

Uncertain Data is on display from Wednesday 15 September until Sunday 3 October 2021 at FACT, a free exhibition presents new artworks created by the FACT Fellows. The exhibition seeks to explore how our feelings and reactions affect how we navigate the world. Through immersive virtual reality, artificial intelligence and moving image, the exhibition uses technology to bring data to life: exposing hard facts to reveal the human stories beneath them and uncovering the uncertainty that our world is built on. Each work provides an insight into the development of the artists’ practice during their Fellowship at FACT, presenting their ideas and research as artworks which will continue to evolve beyond the residency.



States of Play: Roleplay Reality, 2018. Installation view. Image: Drew Forsyth