Jerwood Encounters: Space to Draw

Antony Gormley, Neville Gabie, Peter Randall-Page, Michael Shaw, Heather Deedman, Alison Gill, Paul McDevitt

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

A group exhibition of drawings by Antony Gormley, Neville Gabie, Peter Randall-Page, Michael Shaw, Heather Deedman, Alison Gill and Paul McDevitt curated by Helen Waters and Paul Thomas.

Antony Gormley’s work Feeling Material V appears alongside related drawings on paper. The sculpture is made of a continuous length of wire circling a void in which a body would be. Where the material grows denser, the outline of a body is seen surrounding empty space. Antony Gornley has a work in the Jerwood Sculpture Park.

Michael Shaw creates virtual sculptures using computer aided design. These animations twistand turn on screen, so that the experience is of a three dimensionalobject in two dimensions. This exhibition will present two of Shaw’s inflatable forms, one suspended from the ceiling. Michael Shaw was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2006 and the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2003.

Paul McDevitt is known for his drawing and has recently started making sculpture. This exhibition will include his detailed pencil drawings and two intricate, large-scale wicker sculptures. The line formed in space by the wicker can be seen as drawing in three dimensional space. Paul McDevitt was short listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2001 and exhibited on the Art Wall at Jerwood Space in 2003.

Peter Randall-Page maps a pattern onto the surface of found stone through the practice of stonecarving. The sculpture exhibited here continues his fascination with patterns in science by looking at the pattern formed when cells repel and work around each other. His untitled granite work will be accompanied by pencil and ochre drawings. Peter Randall-Page judged the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2003 and is currently completing a commission for the Jerwood Sculpture Park. He was short listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2001 and exhibited on the Art Wall at the Jerwood Space in 2003.

Heather Deedman is concerned with the relationship between two and three dimensions, she makes paper cut outs of elaborate drawings of domestic objects. She is exhibiting a new installation in which cut out drawings of ceramics sit alongside her ceramics. Heather Deedman was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2002.

Alison Gill is showing two recent sculptures that are part of a series of new works. Alongside these will be intricate line drawings taken from a series of drawings made in 2005,  derived from media coverage of the ‘War on Terror’. The visual tropes of science fiction, fairytales, folklore and horror are utilised to explore how old and familiar discourses can easily take hold of cultural fantasies when faced with serious threat. Alison Gill had a two person show at the Jerwood Space in 1999 with Jacqueline Donachie, and was shortlisted for the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2003.

Neville Gabie is exhibiting three distinct projects. First is a DVD of the different landscapes in Australia, filmed from a flying kite. The landscape reveals the marks that man has made upon it, as well as natural marks. Second is a found table. This project is concerned with sculpture as an act of addition and subtraction; the material removed from holes in the table forms new shapes as additions to this sculpture. Lastly, a block of granite transported to the Jerwood Space from China. A film of the journey will accompany this piece. Neville Gabie judged the 2007 Jerwood Sculpture Prize.

Antony Gormley, Clearing 57 2006-7. Image: Jerwood Visual Arts