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Laura Sweeney. Image: courtesy of the artist

Laura Sweeney

Laura Sweeney is an independent producer working in live art and performance. She is currently working with Brian Lobel, Dan Watson, La JohnJoseph, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Nando Messias & Rachael Young. These artists’ work has a diverse thematic scope which intersect around identity, gender politics, and personal narratives.

Her practice as a producer is centred around artist development and sustainability, focusing on strategic thinking and shifting mindsets to long-term planning.

Laura’s Jerwood bursary will support a programme of training and coaching. Through considering a best practice approach to her position as a freelancer, Laura will take valuable time out from delivery to receive training in areas of diversity and inclusion, and digital design. She will also work with a coach to strategise around the sustainability of her own practice.