holding, breathing, beating: Rufus Isabel Elliot

13 Jan 2024


Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke’s , 161 Old St , London, EC1V 9NG

LSO Jerwood Composer+ artist Rufus Isabel Elliot showcases holding, breathing, beating in January 2024.

An evening of contemporary chamber music conjured through holding, caressing, pulling, beating and hitting – featuring the world premiere of Rufus Isabel Elliot‘s new work.

This programme seeks out ways music can grapple with touch and desire, be it intimate or violent. In particular, the programme concerns a grey area of intimacy, moulded by fear. Within, you will find music for protection, music to entrap, music to run away, music to speak, and music when you can’t speak.

LSO Jerwood Composer+ is supported by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund.

Rufus Isabel Elliot, image captured by Bethany Chalmers.