Daniel Wykes

Dan is a songwriter and stage manager currently building on experience in the events industry to work as production manager in Bradford.

Dan has been stage manager to a plethora of events around the country and abroad, and has considerable experience in working on some of the largest and busiest festival stages in the country.

He is a lifelong writer and performer with a substantial songbook, drawing on a wide range of influences from doom metal to country, from soul and folk to orchestral.

Rooted in DIY philosophy, he is interested in community projects, events and practices that reclaim skills, time and materials from corporate consumerism.

As a musicologist Dan investigates the role of authority in defining authenticity. He is currently looking at the importance of music in local, community settings post-Covid and song writing within education and theatre as vehicles for exploring fallout from this shared experience.

Having worked as a primary school teacher Dan is looking at ways to develop off-curriculum creative projects for young people towards developing agency and critical consciousness.