Kendra Chiagoro-Noel (NWAKKE)

NWAKKE is a London-based artist, DJ, and musician working with dance, writing and video.

This performance identity is a means for discovery and world-building; researching experience, history, forms of knowledge and nature. Thinking about care – Thinking about relationship – Thinking about freedom and safety.

A recent graduate from the Central St Martins, Performance: Design and Practice BA, NWAKKE’s work incorporates elements of experimental theatre as an integrated process in their sound compositions.

Through multi-genre songwriting and production, soundscape creation and improvisation, NWAKKE seeks to craft deep listening experiences that speak to emotional honesty, bodily sensation and storytelling. Informed by their African Caribbean heritage and inquiries into health and physical pain, their work focuses on making sense of and expressing the pre-verbal, incorporating dance and music spiritualities, holding the complexity and interconnectedness of space, time, land & body.