August 11, 2023

Jamal Gerald releases new book, Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection

Jerwood New Work Fund awardee Jamal Gerald is releasing a new book, based on previous performance work, JUMBIE.

Jamal Gerald is an artist and writer based in Leeds. His work is conversational, unapologetic and provocative with a social message. Jamal’s practice is currently exploring African diaspora religions through a queer and pop culture viewpoint.

Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection is based on JUMBIE, the performance Jamal Gerald created, which resurrected the Jumbie dance of Montserrat. Part ritual, part party, part sex dungeon – and fully WTF. Although never presented to an audience, it will now remain archived.

A chaotic, playful and naughty artist book, Dee Jumbie Dance includes Jumbie stories, essays, reflections, photography and artistic responses. Highlighting the research and creative process, queerness, BDSM, ancestry and healing, the book is edited by Kadish Morris and features contributions from Lee Affen, Mele Broomes, Rosie Elnile, Khadijah Ibrahiim and Ajamu X.

Jamal makes work that he wants to see, intending to take up space as a Black queer person. He is the Artistic Director of Dudaan (du-darn), a Black queer enterprise set up in November 2021. Dudaan produces Jamal’s work and creates opportunities, safe spaces and support systems for Black queer artists in the North.

Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection is supported by the Jerwood New Work Fund, The Writing Squad and Theatre in the Mill, and published by Live Art Development Agency.

It is now available to buy through Dudaan.

Jamal Gerald JUMBIE Publicity Shoot 15th November 2021 ©The Other Richard