September 13, 2023

Pervasive Media Studio and Jerwood Arts launch new guide to random selection

In partnership with Jerwood Arts, the Pervasive Media Studio has launched a new guide for organisations that are interested in random selection.

In this guide, they have gathered together the experiences of a number of people who have experimented with random selection, from those representing large arts organisations to freelance collaboratives.

In 2021, Jerwood Arts piloted the use of a random number generator to identify the early-career artists, curators and producers to receive the 1:1 FUND. There were many positive outcomes from this pilot and we learned a lot along the way. We documented this process in our Jerwood in Practice blog series which you can read in the connected Reflections and Resources below.

Since 2022, the Pervasive Media Studio have incorporated random elements into some of their selection processes for residencies and other opportunities, finding this leads to fairer and more varied results, and that it can greatly reduce the amount of unpaid labour that goes into application processes.

‘Random Selection: A How To Guide’ responds to both organisations’ experience of piloting this approach, as well as a number of further case studies from a range of contributors. This includes people from Watershed,  The British AcademyTheatre DeliHorizon: Performance Created in EnglandNew Diorama Theatre, and The Uncultured, .


If you want to get in touch with your feedback and reflections, please contact the team at Pervasive Media Studio at [email protected]

Image;: Fion WanImage;: Fion Wan