Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator Mentorship

Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator Mentorship is a part-time mentoring and workshop programme designed to empower and support emerging theatre translators working into English, equipping them with the necessary skills and experience for a professional career.

The programme has been designed in collaboration with professional translators and is based on Foreign Affairs experiences of producing theatre in translation for over a decade. It offers a unique, creative space where participants can discover, explore and develop a range of tools, skills and approaches to translating for the stage.

This 8-month programme distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive and practical learning journey rooted in a ‘page-to-stage’ process. Participants take part in readings with actors, group mentoring sessions, practical workshops, professional industry masterclasses and rehearsals. They also receive one-to-one sessions with professional translators.

The programme culminates in an exciting showcase for the general public and invited industry, including theatre producers, directors and publishers. Foreign Affairs will be working with Jermyn Street Theatre to deliver the showcase.

Trine Garrett, Co-Founder and Artistic Director said,

The UK theatre industry has great potential for cultural diversity, but unfortunately, it has overlooked the richness that translations can add to its repertoire. By embracing plays from different languages, we have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and share cultures on stage, explore diverse theatrical traditions and offer audiences a taste of what’s on in theatres in other parts of the world.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have the support of the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund, which allows us to build on the lessons from previous small-scale versions and create something truly special. We’re excited for the next stage of our mentorship journey, and we can’t wait to see where translation will take us next!

Applications will open in early 2024.

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