As We Face The Sun

22 – 26 Aug 2023

Holloway Theatre, Bush Theatre , 7 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush , London W12 8LJ

Artistic Director Lynette Linton and Young Company Director Katie Greenall co-direct a new commission written for the company.

They all agreed: every year they will throw the same party in the same place. What else can they do?

Determined to remember their friend, a group of classmates commit to throwing an annual party in her honour. It’s what she would have wanted. And year after year, they stuck to the tradition.

Now in their twenties, another party is about to start. The cake has arrived safely, the buffet is all set, and the aux cable is finally working – but something doesn’t feel right.

As We Face The Sun is a stark and tender story about growing up, the pleasures of friendship, why we hold onto things and how we might start to let go. The world premiere of a new play written by Kit Withington, supported by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund.

As We Face The Sun (Photo by Laurie Fletcher)