Dominic McKeown

Dominic McKeown is an artist based in Belfast.

His work derives from exposing the tensions between domestic and non-domestic materials, existing in a state of flux between the two. In his practice he expands on how material qualities are sensed, interpreted and understood to form space, and as a foundation, interlinks the relationship between materials, architecture, fashion and identity.  Approaching the challenges of growing up in the city, a personal sense of opposition is crafted, this and other words are used as pivots to construct the space. The work emphasises the importance of opposition, as these innate materials can develop a structural tautness, while also displaying a sense of looseness. He likes to view the gallery as a place where materials and perception socialise, creating a spatial game played within.

Dominic’s work has been seen in galleries and festivals across Ireland, including The Mac in Belfast, 126 gallery in Galway, Belfast International Festival of Performance Art and the and Draiocht Gallery in Dublin.

Dominic recently had his debut solo show  ‘Swaddle’  at University of Atypical in Belfast and is currently a Co-Director at Catalyst Arts, an artist-led space in Belfast.