Malaika Kegode & Handina Dutiro

Malaika Kegode and Handina Dutiro are sisters based in Bristol. Malaika – the older of the two – is a writer and spoken word artist with a background in film and theatre, while younger sister Handina is a songwriter and self-taught music producer. The pair grew up singing and playing instruments together, bonded by a love and passion for music. Since then, Malaika has gone on to write and perform professionally across a variety of stages. Most recently, her autobiographical spoken word gig/theatre show ‘Outlier’ (2022) was co-produced by Bristol Old Vic. Similarly, Handina’s musical prowess has led to them playing with bands Disaster Clinic and ZENA at festivals around the country, such as Valley Fest, Harbour Festival and BIMM Live.

Malaika (left), Handina (right).