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Time and Motion. Image: Greg Milner

Development Programme Fund

What is it?

Funding for arts organisations to deliver specialist development programmes that identify and support outstanding artists, curators and/or producers.

The Development Programme Fund provides funding for arts organisations who, with vision and skill, can deliver transformational development opportunities for artists, curators and/or producers in their field.

We are looking for programmes that offer deep learning and tailor-made developmental support for individual artists at a critical moment in their career, launching new artistic voices.

Organisations will share and uphold our values and principles, and demonstrate a clear focus on meeting outstanding artists’ needs through supported development, time and space to grow their practice with integrity.

What can you apply for?

Development programmes funded by us can include but are not limited to:

  • mentoring schemes
  • associate schemes
  • assisting programmes
  • artists on attachment
  • artist residency programmes
  • skills and training programmes

They may be built around research and development periods, or the creating and presenting of new work. We are interested in funding those programmes that most clearly support artists to thrive on their own terms.

Arts organisations can apply for over £10,000 to deliver development programmes starting from January 2020. There is no upper limit, but we expect to fund approximately ten organisations to deliver development programmes in 2020, with an average grant of £30,000.

We ask that organisations to show an in-kind contribution of at least 10% in the budget and the request to us should not contain more than 10% of overheads.

We expect to understand exactly what our grant would be used for and we can be one of a number of funders. Whilst you can have confirmed income before applying to us, we are also comfortable being the first funder to the table and will commit funds in principle, to be released once other funding is secured.

Time frames and deadlines for 2019:

Guidance for Development Programme Fund published: 23 January 2019
Fund opens for Expression of Interest applications: 4 March 2019
Advice sessions (by appointment) held on: 15 May 2019
Expression of Interest must be received by: 5pm, 3 June 2019
Decisions will be communicated by: 27 July 2019
If your Expression of Interest is selected, you will be invited to submit a full second stage application. The deadline for this will be 30 September 2019.


Development programmes funded by Jerwood Arts must adhere to our core criteria for those we wish to support, they must be run by arts organisations for beneficiaries:

Additionally, you can apply to the Development Programme Fund if:

  • you are an arts organisation
  • you have a single-cycle project or programme starting from January 2020
  • you have a professional staff and are an organisation with appropriate governance, capacity and experience

We expect the majority of projects or programmes to run over one year or for a single cycle of a project. In some cases we will fund a project for more than one year or cycle where, based on artist need, a convincing case is made for running a project over a longer time frame.

You  cannot apply if:

  • you are an individual artist
  • you are a large organisation where the proposed programme is one of many that you run, unless there is an exceptional rationale based on the impact and benefit to the artists
  • you expect rolling or future funding for your programme from Jerwood Arts

What can you expect from us?

We are happy to offer advice on making your application. If you have a question after reading this guidance and the supporting information on our website, please send it to We will acknowledge your email within three working days and aim to answer it within five working days. If it requires further conversation, then we will book you into an advice session on 15 May with one of our team, which can be in person, a telephone call or a Skype conversation. Please note that the advice we give on making an application is on the eligibility and suitability of the activity for our Development Programme Fund only, and will have no bearing on its assessment.

If you are successful, you can expect to meet us and other recipients of our funding through our networks and events, and we will profile you on our website and social media with your permission. We will also be available throughout the delivery of your programme for advice and to engage with the events and activities you run wherever we can.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will have an opportunity to request written feedback on your application within six weeks of the outcome.

What we expect from you:

  • inform us of the progress of the project and any significant changes before they happen
  • credit Jerwood Arts as a supporter of the project on all digital and print materials, in line with our guidance
  • participate in the Jerwood Arts network of artists and organisations, including events
  • contribute to our research on support for artists
  • write a report at the end of the project telling us how it went against your original plan

Expression of interest selection and decision making processes

Eligibility check and longlist

Applications will be reviewed by at least two Jerwood Arts staff members, who will meet to decide on a longlist of approximately 100 applications per round.

Artist Adviser assessment

The longlist will be sent out to at least two relevant Artist Advisers per application, who will assess each of them.


The Artist Adviser and Jerwood Arts staff scoring is combined and discussed at a panel meeting including at least two Artist Advisers and three Jerwood Arts staff members.

Next steps

We expect around 25 applications to be selected for further development. If selected, applicants will receive full feedback and further guidance to develop their proposal. The deadline for the final applications will be 30 September and they will then be taken forward to the Jerwood Arts Trustees for a final decision.


You can see all of our 2019 Development Programmes here.

Other useful pages

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An application form for Expressions of Interest will be available on this page from 4 March 2019.


This fund is being piloted in 2019 and we are keen to hear feedback of all kinds. Please share your comments at