Jerwood Open Forest

Juan delGado, Adam James, Amanda Loomes Semiconductor, Chris Watson collaborating with Iain Pate

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This group exhibition brings together work by the artists selected for the R&D stage of Jerwood Open Forest in 2014:Juan delGado, Adam James, Amanda Loomes, artist duo Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) and Chris Watson collaborating with producer Iain Pate.

New work by five artists  art in the environment and what it has the potential to be in its broadest definition. This unique, multisensory exhibition of new work charts the five selected projects over a six-month period of research and development


Visitors to the exhibition are immersed in the soundscape of a Raven roost through Chris Watson and Iain Pate’s surround sound installation which explores the raven’s role in storytelling and the idea of the forest as a habitat.

Semiconductor blend art and science with a sculptural film installation based on data gathered by charting a canopy of trees through a year.

Amanda Loomes will show four films that look at the life of the forest, the process of forestry itself, the people involved and their labour.

Adam James presents a series of performances created through LARP (live action role-play), expanding on an invented social structure developed during his research and development period in Sherwood Pines Forest.

Juan delGado reacts to his personal phenomenological experience of the forest with an audio-sensory film installation.

The initiative was launched in 2013 in response to an opportunity to open up the Public Forest Estate to artists in partnership with Forestry Commission England. It responds to a need to support artists, perhaps working in a forest context for the first time, with the professional skill set with which to realise a large scale work, and with access to experienced professionals throughout.


Installation view- work by Semiconductor, 2014. Originally commissioned as part of Jerwood Open Forest 2014. Image: