Coping Mechanisms: Reading List

Vicky Higginson

Vicky Higginson, Coping Mechanism: to hear things left unsaid, 2021. Commissioned for Jerwood Art Fund Makers Open. Installation view at Jerwood Space. Photo: Anna Arca.

Jerwood Art Fund Makers Open artist Vicky Higginson has put together a reading list to share the research, ideas and inspirations that have fed into her commission Coping Mechanisms.

Coping Mechanisms is a series of glass healing devices that draw on folklore, mythology and medical history to imagine ways to treat emotional ailments.

Reading List: 

Karen Armstrong (2005) A Short History of Myth. Edinburgh; Canongate

Neil MacGregor (2012) A History of the World in 100 Objects. London; Penguin

Marina Warner (2018) Fairy Tale: a very short introduction. Oxford University Press

Chris Gosden (2020) The History of Magic: from alchemy to witchcraft, from the Ice Age to the Present. UK; Viking

Philip Pullman (2013) Grimm Tales for Young and Old. London; Penguin Classics

Neil Gaiman (2017) Norse Mythology. London; Bloomsbury

Hans Christian Andersen (1945) Fairy Tales. Letchworth; Temple Press

Annabel Williams-Ellis (1958) The Arabian Nights. London; Blackie & Son

Barbara Sleigh (1964) North of Nowhere. London & Glasgow; Collins

Roger Lancelyn Green (1966) A Book of Myths. London; Aldine Press

Sir George Douglas (2005) Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales. Lomond Books

William Jenkyn Thomas (1915) The Welsh Fairy Book. London; T Fisher Union ltd

James Reeves (1972) English Fables and Fairy Stories. London; Oxford University Press

Shaun Tan (2016) The Singing Bones. London; Walker Studio

Susanna Clarke (2007) The Ladies of Grace Adieu. London; Bloomsbury

Susanna Clarke (2005) Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. London; Bloomsbury

E. Carey, S. Hall, et al (2019) These Our Monsters. Norwich; English Heritage Press

D. Johnson, E. McBride, et al (2020) Hag: Forgotten folktales retold. London; Virago

Neil Gaiman, Coleen Doran (2019) Snow, Glass, Apples. London; Headline

Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell (2014) The Sleeper and the Spindle. London; Bloomsbury

Angela Carter (1979) The Bloody Chamber. London; Vintage

C Keith Wilbur (2003) Antique Medical Instruments. Atglen; Schiffer

James M Edmonson (1997) American Surgical Instruments: an illustrated history. San Francisco; Norman Publishing

Sheila Paine (2004) Amulets: sacred charms of power and protection. Vermont; Inner Traditions