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Applications to the 1:1 FUND are now closed.

Applicants were notified of the selection outcome on Wednesday 27 October.

What is the 1:1 FUND?

This new fund offers awards of £2,000 for two early-career practitioners (artists, curators and producers) to connect, experiment, learn from each other and share ideas.

The 1:1 FUND is designed to offer an injection of support for two practitioners who want to work together. You can apply to strengthen an existing collaboration, or to explore a new one. Your work together can happen either in-person or remotely, and you can work together for some or all of the time.

The 1:1 FUND is designed to support (re-)connection, experimentation and learning after the isolating impact of Covid-19. We want the 1:1 FUND to build the confidence of early-career practitioners and open the door for future projects by supporting new and existing collaborations to exchange ideas, skills-share and research together. There is no expectation of a final or fixed outcome. We know that opportunities for early-career practitioners to work together in a supported way, without the pressure to produce new works or find match funding, are increasingly rare.

Jerwood Arts is piloting new approaches to identifying the early-career artists, curators and producers we support. The 1:1 FUND selection will be made using a random number generator. The application form focuses on eligibility criteria and requires fewer text-based answers than our previous funds. Applications will be reviewed by Jerwood Arts staff to check they are eligible only if they are chosen by the random number generator. This is part of our ongoing effort to remove bias from our selection processes and to explore more sustainable and inclusive approaches for both practitioners and funders. If the selected applications meet the eligibility criteria for this fund, they will be awarded £2,000 funding each. You can learn more about the approach we are taking and our reasons behind this pilot here. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria for this fund in the guidance below.

Application is free.

Deadline was 12pm, Monday 4 October.

Deadline for the equal opportunities monitoring form is 12pm, Monday 11 October.

An audio recording of the application guidance is available here.

A Large Print version of the application guidance is available here.

A Plain Text version of the application guidance is available here.


Further Reading

Read our announcement for the 1:1 FUND, here.

Learn about the thinking and research that informed this new fund in our latest Jerwood In Practice blog, here.


Key dates

7 September 2021 Fund opens for applications
12pm, 4 October 2021 Deadline for Part One: Main application
12pm, 11 October 2021 Deadline for Part Two: Equal opportunities monitoring
15 October 2021 Applications selected by a random number generator
18-22 October 2021 Selected applications reviewed for eligibility
5pm, 27 October 2021 Applicants notified of the selection outcome
December 2021 Awardees publicly announced
March 2022 Deadline for completion of funded activity



1:1 FUND Summary


  • The 1:1 FUND offers £2,000 for two early-career practitioners (artists, curators and producers) who want to work together.
  • You can have worked together previously or you can be working together for the first time.
  • Both practitioners must have at least two years professional experience and self-define as being early in their careers.
  • Applications must explore a new idea. The fund is designed for learning and development, and should not be used as match funding for existing projects.
  • Funded activity should take place between November 2021-March 2022.
  • We anticipate making around 35 awards.
  • Applications will be selected by a random number generator.
  • Selected applications will be assessed by Jerwood Arts to see if they are eligible before being awarded. The random number generator is not binding, and applications will only be funded if eligible.
  • Each individual can be named in one application only. This is so each applicant has an equal chance of being selected by the random number generator.
  • The application process includes two forms. The first form collects your main application and is made up of eligibility questions, the majority of which have tick-boxes or drop-down options. The second form collects equal opportunities monitoring information and can be filled in separately by each applicant in their own time.
  • We can contribute up to £200 towards a fee for an Access Support Worker for applicants who need one. Please email info@jerwoodarts.org or call us on 07944 903989 at least one working week before the deadline to discuss how we can help.
  • We will not provide feedback on your application as it will be part of a random selection process and checked for eligibility only. You can request to know if your application was eligible.
  • There is up to £300 additional funding available if your application is selected and you require support with additional costs such as access, wellbeing, caring or safety.


Who is the fund for?

The fund is for two independent early-career practitioners (artists, curators and producers) who want to work together. We require both practitioners in each collaboration to meet these criteria:

  • They are in the early stages of their career, with at least 2 years professional experience.
  • They are based in the UK and have the legal right to work in the UK and have the intention to continue residence in the UK until April 2022. You do not need to have British nationality.

There is no educational requirement or age limit.

Please ensure that your name appears in only one application. We are using a random number generator to select this fund, and we would like each applicant to have an equal chance. If somebody is named in more than one application, neither application will be entered into the random selection. Please take care to check you have your collaborator’s permission before entering an application with their name on it.

We are sorry to confirm that the following are not eligible for the 1:1 FUND:

  • Anyone who is not currently a freelance/independent practitioner.
  • Anyone who is in full-time or part-time formal education during the period covered by the 1:1 FUND grant (November 2021 – April 2022).
  • Proposals to support existing projects.
  • Proposals from those whose practice is primarily stage management, technical management, production management, promotion, marketing, fundraising and/or administratively led.
  • Proposals which focus on practices not typically supported by Jerwood Arts. This includes commercial/fashion/editorial photography, film and TV, technical and administrative roles, and commercially focused applied arts including ceramics, crafts, jewellery, glass and textiles.

For an insight into the breadth of art forms we fund and to gain a stronger sense of what we mean by early-career, we recommend looking at the artists, curators and producers we’ve most recently supported through awards such as the Jerwood Bursaries, Live Work Fund and our exhibitions and events programme. While each of our funds has a different focus, all of them have the same criteria around early-stage practices and the art forms we can support.

We have experienced growing demand for our funding opportunities for individuals over the past few years and have found it increasingly challenging to make selections given that the vast majority of applications are of a high standard. We therefore have every expectation that trialling a random selection approach as part of the process to reduce the labour and timeframes for applicants and ourselves will produce an equally exciting range of artists and practices for us to support.



The term ‘early-career’ is difficult to define and may look different depending on a range of factors including art form/s, career pathways and personal circumstances. Across all Jerwood Arts funding, we are looking to support practitioners who have some existing professional experience and momentum for their practice but are still in the early stages.

This is the definition of ‘early-career’ that we are using for the purposes of this fund, and which we require both practitioners (artists, curators and producers) in your collaboration to meet:

  • They have a professional track record with their practice and have worked professionally for at least two years. We anticipate that many will have struggled to find paid work during lockdown and may have fewer examples of their practice in the last 18 months.
  • They have their own independent artistic and/or creative practice and take artistic and creative leadership in the process of making, creating and/or generating new artistic outcomes in their artform. This might include through previous collaborations and collectives.

Identifying the moment of transition from ‘early-career’ to ‘mid-career’ is also complex. These are some markers which would suggest a practitioner was beyond the career stage we can support. If somebody meets two or more of the following criteria, they are likely to be ineligible for the 1:1 FUND:

  • They have extensive international touring experience with their own work.
  • They have long-term commercial representation such as gallery representation or an agent.
  • They have more than one major commission with national coverage and profile.
  • They have significantly more than ten years’ experience with their practice. Across the majority of our awards, we tend to support artists, curators and producers with less than ten years’ experience.

There is more detail about who the fund is for in the 1:1 FUND FAQ, including the art forms and stage of practice that Jerwood Arts typically supports.

If you have further questions about your suitability for the fund, email us at info@jerwoodarts.org and we will get back to you within three working days. Please see below for more details of how we can support you to make an application.


What can this funding be used for?

The funding available for each awarded pair is £2,000. We expect to be the sole funder of the activity and do not expect any other confirmed financial support. It should not be used as match funding or to support an existing project.

Possible activities that contribute to exploring a new idea together might include:

  • Testing and experimenting: for example with new ways of workshopping together, rehearsing, composing, creating, writing and devising.
  • Developing new skills, or skills-sharing: for example in digital tech, techniques, materials, disciplines.
  • Developing a new or existing collaboration: for example practice-specific, peer-learning and support.
  • Undertaking first-stage collaborative research: for example developing a new project or idea without the pressure of a fixed outcome.

All activity should take place between November 2021-March 2022.

We encourage you to consider the focus of your collaboration to make sure you are both on the same page about what you want to achieve. In the application form we ask you to briefly describe the idea you would like to work on together.

We do not request budgets as part of the application process. If you are selected, we expect all awardees to sign up to a fair pay agreement which confirms that both practitioners will receive a fair fee for their time. This is in line with our commitment to fair pay, and to access and inclusion. We want you to carefully consider what you can achieve together with the amount of funding we are offering. Your plan might include both independent working and collaborative time. It should include at least one paid day’s work for each individual. The fund can cover the costs of travel within the UK, but not outside of the UK. It could be used to cover the costs of equipment and materials, but this cannot make up the entirety of the budget. The budget should not be topped up with your personal funds or funding from other sources.

We would not expect activity taking place supported by this fund to last more than five days if both participants are working together consistently.

As part of the application process, we ask both collaborators to commit to working with others safely and respectfully and not to work in a way that might endanger others. We ask you to commit to working within Jerwood Arts’ values.


Additional Financial Support

If required, extra financial support of up to £300 will be made available as a contribution towards access costs, caring responsibilities and any costs associated with wellbeing and safe working in relation to the activity you wish to undertake. We can discuss what you need if you are selected.

This additional support can be used to support costs and resources without which the activity would be inaccessible to you or impossible to undertake safely.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Access costs, such as: interpreters, support workers, or other adjustments you need to help you undertake the activity. This can include additional transport costs, for example taxis if public transport is not accessible to you.
  • Caring costs, such as: external childcare costs which would enable you to undertake the activity, or similar costs associated with other caring responsibilities.
  • Safety costs, such as: any additional costs associated with safeguarding, for example taxis if transport is required late at night or to ensure safe, private overnight accommodation where required.
  • Wellbeing costs, such as: a fee for a therapist or support worker to work with awardees exploring potentially challenging or triggering themes.

We hope this will support awardees to prioritise their safety and wellbeing and to ensure they are supported to undertake the activity they are planning as fully as possible.


How to apply

The application is divided into two parts.

Part One: Main Application

You can download a Word version of the Part One application form here.

You can begin your application using the main online form here.

For each applicant, this first form collects:

  • Contact information
  • Information about your existing practice, in nine Yes/No eligibility questions
  • One example of your professional practice which best exemplifies your most recent work
  • Contact details for one referee per applicant (please see below for more information about referees)

It also collects:

  • A 150-300 word plan for your activity. You can choose whether to write this section or to upload a short audio/video recording.
  • Confirmation that both collaborators commit to working with others safely and respectfully and within the values of Jerwood Arts if awarded.

Working together on your application                         

Our portal will only allow one computer to work on the application. We recommend you draft all your responses offline, before nominating one of you to paste them into the online form when you are ready. The Yes/No nature of the questions means that some applicants may find it possible to work on this using a shared document or over the phone.

You can download a word version of the main application form here.

The deadline for the main application form is 12pm, Monday 4 October. The form will be closed at this time and this deadline cannot be extended.


Part Two: Equal Opportunities Monitoring

When the main application is completed, you will each receive an email with your application’s unique entry number, and a link to an equal opportunities monitoring form. Your application will not be complete until you have both completed this second form.

This second form collects:

  • Confirmation of your application’s unique entry number
  • Confirmation of your intention to apply and the collaborator you are applying with
  • Your answers to Equal Opportunities Monitoring questions

We have divided up the form in this way to reduce the potential for duplicate applications and to enable us to collect personal information securely for each individual.

Equal opportunities monitoring information will be kept separately from your main application form. The information will not be used as part of the eligibility check or selection. The information will be aggregated to provide information about who applied and who was selected.

The deadline for the equal opportunities monitoring form is 12pm, Monday 11 October. The form will be closed at this time and this deadline cannot be extended.


Selection Process

True Random Number Generator

After we have received completed forms from both collaborators, your unique Entry Number will be entered into a true random number generator (TRNG) operated by Random.org. TRNGs extract randomness from physical phenomena and introduce it to a computer. We are assured that this approach removes human and coded bias. The TRNG will re-order the list of unique numbers and isolate the top 35, which will be selected. The top 35 applications will be reviewed by Jerwood Arts staff to check they are eligible for the fund. If they are eligible, they will be awarded the funding.

We will make a video recording of the moment the random selection is made, which will be made publicly available. This means you will be able to see which unique numbers are generated. For this reason, we do not recommend that you share your unique number publicly, as if you are selected you may wish to keep that information private.


Eligibility Check

The top 35 applications selected by the random number generator will be reviewed by Jerwood Arts staff, to check the application meets all the eligibility criteria (see above) for this award. We would also contact your referee at this point. Please be aware that the random selection is not binding, and if your application is found to be ineligible for Jerwood Arts funding then we will be unable to proceed.

We will record the top 36-50 in order as a reserve list in case any of the top 35 pairs are later found to be ineligible or cannot accept the grant for any reason. If this is the case, we will approach those listed from 36 onwards in numerical order.


Equality, diversity and inclusion

Jerwood Arts is committed to addressing equality, diversity and inclusion across all our work, and you can find details of our latest actions here.

The sector is experiencing one of the highest levels of loss of work in the face of Covid-19: the personal impact of this is often devastating; the loss of skilled and talented people permanently a very real worry for the future. Research suggests the pandemic has disproportionately impacted the health and livelihoods of people from African, Caribbean, LatinX or South and East Asian heritage, those with disabilities or long-term health conditions, those from low socio-economic backgrounds, and those facing intersecting barriers. These groups were already under-represented and most likely to experience racism and marginalisation in the arts.

For this fund, we therefore particularly welcome applications from anyone from the groups above. We will be focusing our marketing efforts to engage with networks and organisations representing these communities and will also encourage applications from Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the North East and North West which have been under-represented in our recent funding opportunities.

Actions we have taken to make our support to applicants more inclusive and accessible include providing comprehensive guidance and FAQs, both of which are available in text and as an audio recording. We have created a more equitable application form, with no requirement for CVs and with fewer written answers than previously. We also offer 1:1 advice and provide individual access support.

The selection for this award will be made by a True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Experimenting with this approach is part of our desire to remove bias from our processes and to simplify our application forms.